I have chosen not to be an enemy
to another woman.
I have chosen to support every
woman and see the best in them.
I have chosen never to judge
any woman in my heart & words.

When my female friends think of me,
I want them to see me as a woman
who supports and believes in them.
I want my friends to be able to trust

When I am tempted to get jealous of that
I would remember that if I reflect deeply,
I can see the beautiful gifts I have as well.
I choose not to compete with another woman.
I would see every woman’s world as beautiful,
I’d see her journey as unique.
I would not use my own standard to measure
her life’s choices.
I’d see every woman’s mistake as lessons and
not a bait to get back at her.
I would choose to use my words to build a
woman and not tear her down.
I’d not snitch on another woman or backbite
about her.
I’d keep her secret safe and love her indeed
and in truth.

That’s my declaration and its changing
something inside of me.

My name is Victoria
I stand with every woman!!!


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