"Sticks and stones can break my bones,
but names will never hurt me"

Have you ever heard that old sayings?
It's not true, you know. If you've ever
heard anyone laugh and make a rude
remark about your looks, you know
words can hurt. If anyone has ever
started a rumour about you,
you know
words can hurt.

But words can also heal. A word of
encouragement, a simple compliment
or an expression of appreciation
can make you feel liked and confident.

Words are singularly the most powerful
force available to humanity. You can
choose to use this force constructively
with words of encouragement or
destructively using words of despair.
Words have energy and power to harm,
to heal, to help, to hinder, to hurt,
to humiliate and to humble.

Be kind to all and speak words that are
beacons of inspiration, enthusiasm and
encouragement to all.
Kind and sweet words are always music
to the ears of people.

There are certain rules that should guide
all our communications with others:
  • Always speak the truth;
  • Avoid exaggerations;
  • Be consistent in what you are saying;
  • Don't use double standard in addressing people;
  • Don't use your words to manipulate others;
  • Most importantly, do not use words to insult or belittle anyone.

I reiterate my points again, be aware of
the words you speak. Be sure they are words
that heal rather than hurt.

My name is Victoria
Take a stand with me today!!!

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