You think I'm brilliant? Put me in the Faculty of Engineering or Science, then you'll know how much of a Dullard I'd be. I've seen parents call their children "dullards" because they are not doing well in school.
If you're not good in sciences, you're not brilliant. Yeah, naija factor 😂😂

This is a very serious issues which has made some people to give up on themselves, look down on themselves and ripped them of their self worth. "Ha, she's a dullard, so she has to learn tailoring/hairdressing", "He's not brilliant, so he has to learn mechanic/trade (Vocational trades).

Until we begin to understand that there are many facets of intelligence, we'll never get it right; potentials will continue to go down the drain because we sum up intelligence on a single factor: IQ/Academic intelligence.

I know of a lady whose parents always compare her with her sibling because she's not doing well in school, but... she can cook very well. Her social skills is second to none. That's a type of intelligence? It takes creativity to be a good cook. A dullard cannot be a fashion designer. A dullard cannot be a trader. Let no one look down on you.

Some people have no business in the university, that's why they are frustrated, don't mind that they might be first class students. The education some people need might be in a catering school, fashion school, technical college, film school and so on.

What if Chimamanda had continued in medicine and surgery, because she was a "brilliant" science student? What if Kunle Afolayan remained a banker? Who cares about University Education when Tunde Kelani is doing his stuff?

I reiterate, no one is a dullard, we only have DIFFERENT kinds of intelligence. Success happens when you discover and utilize your type of intelligence. It's not about getting an education but getting the RIGHT education. It's the duty of parents and school to help children discover, develop and maximize their type of intelligence. The result is often MAGICAL.


  1. The difference between intelligence and brilliance is knowing what you want to do nd how to get it done.

  2. awwwnn..dats soo inspiring.. pls more of dis...more grace unto you..

  3. "success happens ONLY when you discover and utilize your type of intelligence"...that's just so soft!!!

  4. Great piece! Keep it coming.


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