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Hey lovelies, the much anticipated wait is over. I feel this topic is necessary because it's one of the things we overlook while choosing what to wear. The point is in choosing the body type that is closest to your body
and then using the information here to find your way to dress with your style. And yes, you have come to the right place. Thank me later 😜

First thing first, you need a measuring tape to measure your shoulder, bust, waist and hips (mirrors can be deceiving, so get someone who is good to measure you).

Stand with your shoulders relaxed. Locate the correct shoulder point, then measure from one point to the other. The measuring tape should be high up around your shoulders so it almost slips off.

Pull the measuring tape across the fullest part of your burst and around your back. Don't pull the tape so tight that your breast start to compress.

Measure the smallest part of your natural waist, just above the belly button.

Start at one hip and wrap the tape. Measure around the largest part of your butt (no cheating!! Lol ) your other hip, and bring it back to the meeting point.

So the measurement are ready, what next??????
Catch ya in d next post👍

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