Hello revered readers, hope you have been enjoying the season like I have. So if I may ask how many of us have written our new year resolution/plan? Haha... pls don't disappoint me, tell me you have written it before today. If not it only shows you are unserious. I mean you need a plan for the next
365 days. Kudos to those who have theirs mapped out.

Just like a split second one year is (almost) over. I don't know if its only me but I remember last year as though it were yesterday, as much as this makes me grateful it scares me too.

We all started out this year with plans, visions, aspirations, even set goals. How many of those set targets were you able to hit?

The end of the year makes me pause and ponder how many lives I was able to impact in the course of the year? How many people were blessed by me or because of me? How many people actually thanked God they met me? How many of my set goals did I reach?

I know the celebration is overwhelming at this time of the year but take a moment to reflect, conduct a self appraisal, if you hit all your targets praise the Lord. If you didn't don't despair, re srategize, pick up your bits and gun, rest assured that God is willing and able to help you do better.

There is this part of the scripture that makes me smile so wide. It says "He has given me authority to trample over snakes and scorpions, and to overcome the power of the enemy".

Learn to walk away from situations and people that threaten your peace of mind, respect and self worth.

Learn to walk away from people that are insensitive and think they are always right, people that think they are too perfect to be associated with you.

People who claim to care but ignore you and your problems the moment they think you are being disrespectful, regardless of all the good things you have done.

Walk away, RUN!!! 
Stop trying to impress people at the expense of your destiny, people who have no bearing with your life... you are more!

The older I get the less time and energy I have to give to pretend friendships, drama and relationships that have zero purpose. I have learned that you can still love and pray for them from a distance. Set boundaries up and don't be afraid to uphold them! The Lord will lead you to love them.

In 2016, I am leaving behind all people who showed themselves (lol), whatever that means. And somehow, God has really allowed them show their true colours. God has literally showed me what he has in store for me in 2017, and I refuse to allow offences and offenders take that away from me.

Thank you to all the revered readers who have taken out their precious time to read and comment, the ones who have referred people to the blog. I really appreciate it.  Everyone who has contributed to the success of the blog,I am indeed grateful. Special thank you to the people who believe in this vision with me, for your constant support and encouragement.Yes, there is no me without you all.

Where and how you start your new year matters. Remember that.

Anticipate 2017, trust me, it's going to be way better!!!!!!!!


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