Fashion lovers get in here. Just because I love my roots I’ll be Re-launching the Fashion category with African Prints. It gives us the opportunity to represent and show off the lovely, vibrant colours that very often define us.

What will you rather wear on a Friday? It could be to work, school, a function or an ‘owanbe’ party.

This print frenzy has continuously made its way into the world’s greatest runways.

Traditional, ethnic references continue to inspire both African and foreign designers, just like our household  'Ankara', 'Kente', 'Adire' among other African print which is making a huge impact across fashion houses in and out of the country.

Something unique about African print is how creative you can get with it.
@Gbayike Johnson 

@Ric Hassani 

Make stylish tops, jacket, trousers, shorts, skirts, belts, blazers

@Noble Igwe
Even children are not left out

The great thing about print is that it is so easy to match with neutral/basic colours (be it tops or bottoms) so go out now to your nearest boutique or market and PRINT IT.

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