While some of us are still in the holiday mood and not ready for real life yet…we just have to swing back to work mode. During the festive period most people spent quality time with their family or loved ones. So I thought to myself, what did people doing for fun this season? You are probably
naming them in your mind already.

To be sincere here, sleeping was on my own list as I will not be able to have that luxury of sleep now that work starts fully. Then I was able to bond with family by engaging in talks, cooking, catching gist, capturing the moments, taking strolls with them amongst other memorable things.

Then the thoughts of my friends and loved ones crossed my mind and I sure reminisced the numerous hangout, touring, going to the movies and all that we all did. I had to make out time for them as I won’t get to see most of them till another festive period. So this brings me to my question:
What’s the point of going to see a movie all by yourself? 
And if you are not going alone, then who would you go with, same sex or opposite sex?

Perhaps it’s because going to the movies is typically considered as something a guy and a girl do on a date and since you wouldn’t go on a date with the same sex (unless of course you are that way inclined).

These days I have seen guys and ladies come alone just to see a movie because of course it’s about the movie not about you coming in singles or plural. Going in company of someone is much fun, depending on the angle it’s been looked at.

So what do you think? Drop your comments on this. 
It will be nice to read your views on the topic. 

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