What readily comes to mind when you see those colours? 

Primary colours?  
Traffic lights?
 Anyone you choose, it’s not wrong.

Ladies, what signals are you giving off?
To be frank with you, I’m at that age where almost all conversation ends up on the subject of dating and relationships. So I have come to discover that it is very important that ladies be extremely aware of the signals we give away. Some of us haven’t really taken out that precious time for an in-depth self-examination.

A traffic light approach to dating and relationships should not be a bad idea. You don’t have to constantly give the same signal time. Just like traffic light (the ones that function properly), I think having a red yellow green approach wouldn’t hurt.

Think about it, if on the road, the traffic light stays red for too long, then a traffic jam builds up and frustration sets in. In the context of relationships, this is when the person sends signals that halt the approach of potential people of interest such that they are left waiting, frustrated and eventually seek alternative routes. This red light approach is needed in all relationships. As human beings we all have boundaries and as much as we all need to make compromises to accommodate those we are in a relationship with or that we are interested in, some sense of discipline has to be established. For example, some people have taken the decision against pre-marital sex; some have somewhat differing personal values, and many other ideals they live by. I think that values and personality should never be compromised in the name of pleasing another person at your own expense. And the truth is, standing on one’s ground earns the person a lot of respect.

If the light is yellow for a longer period, then this sends mixed signals and builds anxiety. I look at this signal as people who are unsure of what they want in a relationship and constantly keep potential suitors guessing. I think a bit of mystery is exciting, but too much can get really annoying.

If on the green for too long, there will be free flow of traffic, but only in one direction. This, in relationships, occurs when the love is coming in full force from one person, and this eventually becomes suffocating for the other party. After seeing the green lights, the man makes his way in, but it is important not to give off too many signals of your interest, as this could make you seem ‘’easy’’; when the challenge fades, you are no longer the exciting mysterious creature that keeps things interesting, thus keeping the man on his toes, craving for more.

I have come to realise that due to fear of rejection, it takes a bit of courage for guys to approach a lady. So, this is the part where a man searches for a signal from a woman that indicates her interest.

So, there you have it, where do you stand? 
What kind of signals have you been sending? 

Make a few changes, take clues from the points mentioned above and you may see a difference. 
But remember to always exercise some wisdom as it is profitable to direct in your approach.

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