Finally we draw the curtain on our Forgiveness challenge and to tell you the truth, the inspiration is something I truly can't explain but it just kept nudging me!

It won't be out of place to ask us for the last time to put all hurt behind us because it will only keep getting worse if we continue to harbour grudge and hate!

Sad as it may sound and painful as it may be, the person who hurt you might just be having a swell time not knowing you are being held down by pain and agony!

Sometimes it is important to move away from where the hurt happened just to help you wipe it off your memory but always bear in mind that it is important to...

Forgive your enemies, but never forget their names. 
~John F. Kennedy

As we step into a new month, guard your heart and your tongue so that it won't cause you to commit a sin or offend someone who would never forgive you because there are people like that!

Keep Forgiving 


  1. Forgiveness is powerful to move on greater heights in life. We must put the past behind us and focus on the future ahead of us.

  2. True talk. Failing to forgive is failing to move on.


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