I read something about Meghan Markle that I know will inspire a young woman who might have given up.

Meghan Markle is an American actress and former lifestyle blogger most known for her role in TV show, Suits. As well as starring in other movies such as Horrible Bosses and Get Him To The Greek, the Californian beauty is an avid humanitarian and activist, fighting for numerous causes, including Gender Equality with the United Nations.

Meghan started out her career as a briefcase girl, one of the models who held the suitcases full of cash in the US version of deal or no deal show.

She received a decent education (Private primary school and Catholic boarding school for girls), thanks to her mother.
Her parents got divorced when she was 6 years old.
She was married before
She had doubts about her future but kept pushing anyway
Despite these factors you may consider as odds and a humble/not too smooth beginning, she Rose above these circumstances and made a mark herself.....


She became a popular and successful actress over time

Became a global ambassador for world Vision Canada

Owns her own cloth line

Became a founder and editor in chief of a successful blog

And now getting married to Prince Harry of England making a grand entrance into the Royal family in  May 2018.
When God created people in white and black he knew exactly what He was doing as God never makes mistakes. He knew that the best will come out of that mixture,  it's just a matter of time.  Or how can one explain the case of a white prince from the foremost and richest royal family in the world fell in love with a woman with white and black blood running through her, who was not qualified by any means.  She is not only older than him for about 3 years, but she was also a divorcee, an actress that some will even regard as a whore whose nude pictures was circulated online before the whole world,  and despite all these, the prince still preferred her to  millions of more eligible ladies out there all over the world with better credentials. As a matter of fact,  my people will call this kind of lady a second hand or extra tyre.

 The lady herself said that she's the luckiest  girl in the world and that her cup is running over and I agree with her as nobody could really  explain why she became the choice  of the prince. This is a good lesson for racist never to try or query the works of God and for those that think they have challenges or limitations in life,  never to give up or to allow what they are passing through  to define them. Who says Meghan Markle did not have a fair share of her own troubles, but she never lost herself in the midst of it all and she is coming out of it to  become an important member of the richest and most celebrated royal family in the world.


Moral of the story

In as much your family background is never a limiting factor, you must keep the turf(girl believe hard)

Work so hard baby girl to pick up the pieces of your life and start all over again!

Every work counts, don't even think you are not making progress with your little effort

Sometimes the purpose of a relationship that didn't work is to make you better for another man vice versa😥

Finally you may have to be in odd places, get beaten, kiss the frogs before you meet your prince😃

Finally, I believe in destiny.....that which is meant to be will be, one way or the other your paths will cross🤗


  1. Every work counts, even the little things I do. Thank you Vicky for another dose of inspirational piece!


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