My sister here (Helen) carries a whole lot of energy and good vibes. She should be the most energetic person in my life. Her ability to calm a situation remains unbeatable and her reaching out game is super strong...

You will have to agree with me that so many people go through tough life challenges. Something interesting about it is the fact that they are people we claim to know. There was this friend of mine who was emotionally down and was already deteriorating in low self esteem. She looked so happy and jovial on the outside but deep inside she was a sad. We got talking about somethings and she opened up speedily about what was wrong with her. An adage says "that a problem shared is half solved" (make sure you're sharing it with a reliable person because most people just want to know what's going on in your life and kick you). If you don't want your problem/issue to be trivialized, it's better to share it with someone who has experienced/is experiencing the same. 

Someone who has been enjoying comfort all his life may not understand what it means not to know where your next meal will come from. 

Someone who has no problem with conception may not understand the pains and struggles of another who has to pray, fast, and wait for five years before having a baby. 

Someone who has never failed may not understand the burdens that come with failure. 

Your experience/pain is not a waste, it's for a purpose. Instead of wallowing in self-pity and denial, you can use your experience to reach out to others. By doing this, you'll also find healing and fulfillment. 

I gave her the little advice I could and was there for her throughout that period till she got herself together and started loving herself again. She's currently on an amazing journey of self love and need I say she's doing so well.

When you see a look of panic cross a loved one’s face, offer something that will have an immediate impact: your hand.

 Perhaps it’s instinct to do that anyway. But now, there’s a hand holding data to back it up.

Cultivating good relationships brings lots of perks, not the least of which is stress reduction for both parties. If you have ever cozied up to a companion during a scary movie, you know the feeling.

But the calming influence extends far beyond the horror-movie moments. A good friend or family member can also help talk you through real-life troubles, or they can just be a comforting physical presence during tough times.  

So today be much of a blessing and REACH OUT TO THAT PERSON.

What she is wearing:
Top: Disney
Jean Trouser: H&M
Sneakers: H&M

Where will you rock this casual outfit to? Do well to let me know. Thank you.


  1. This is amazing! Keep up the good work babe

    1. Thank you very much Tijesunimi. Good to have you here.

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  3. Great piece...
    Keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you so much Faith😍😍. Keep checking back for more

  4. Helenuuuuuuu is a calmer😉..Julie mama come here o..Sister Phyk 😄😄..Hey guys get you some Helen..!!

  5. Maya Angelou would always say, "just do right."

    Speak right, do right . Let your words be soothing.

    Great post Victoria!

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  7. Oladipo Olabisi Samuel02 April, 2018 02:13

    Beautiful post right here

  8. I really love what you do

    1. Thank you very much Wonuola. I'm glad you do😍😍. Stay connected and don't forget to refer friends to read up too.

  9. I really love what you do


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