And so I was done and dusted with secondary school; I was the best,i didn't flunk at anything.
I was a formidable academic force, represented the whole airforce school in competitions, and the state in some matters of state. Skilled in arts& sciences and sports, everyone sang praises of the genius.
Yet I couldn't make the jamb cut off for Med school.
I hope no one can relate to that.
By 1,2,3 marks, I constantly fell short.
4 I lost my A-game.
I was to B my 5,my 6 moved on simply because I couldn't keep up with the pace.
7,8,9,10, I kept recounting the misery.
My obviously towering heights couldn't cover up for the shortness
It was the first life-humbling Factor, jolting me back to reality away from the frenzy, easy, high life I was used to.
I held on till the eleventh hour, I was gonna take it all back a dozen fold...
Part of the bitter-sweet experience. But I found redemption.
So what's your story...

In this text, tweet and twerk world we've grown up in
Realities abound-in
That Life itself is a puzzle
Everyone is looking for that something, that thing that makes it all complete.
The missing link, the unknown
I call it X.
The uncertainty and prospects align, find X.
For we're all burdened by the quest to find the xfactor
An individual X, a single X.
Your X,  My X.
But it becomes easier when We move from the known to the unknown.
You really don't need to perform on the big stages of project fame and X-Factor.
Or become the next Idol on Bill boards and TV screens as the next actor
But like on a billiard board, the balls are everywhere and available to the hardest players, not necessarily the best.
The echo simply redefined to The voice.

So love me, because I really don't want to be your ex.
For there is no ex, when you have not been a big part of the system, no matter how small.
So be it career, business, sole proprietorship or partnership or whatever it is you are the carrier for, start the ship
For soon, this school will be your ex.
And then what next
Are we going to TEDex or Ex
Some are looking for the xfactor, forgetting the GodFactor is what factors you into the factor's factor
Factorization by factorial... Factoring the common factors into the factor's factual factor.
So we talk about factors, what of the equation.
Once the equation is right, the factors most likely, a 9 and a half out of 10 ,become right.
So create the right equation, X.

Give yourself goals, life, yearly, monthly, weekly and daily goals.
Add some polish, power, professionalism
Walk right through the door, discipline and consistency the key to the lock.
For even in a game of luck, you need to lurk around well enough to figure out the lock.
So Dream big, work big, fail big if you do...
And if you don't? the stars will watch you soar high above
Stretch your limits,you'd be surprised how tough you are
And that your yield and break points don't exist.
The little things in life Persist
So if you wanna make a difference, then maybe you should start each day by making your bed
That way, you have created a mental sense of responsibility in achieving sth.
Say goodmorning to the next person with a warm smile ,make someone's morning good.
Help a child get across a busy road
Lend the aged a helping hand with their luggages.
Never look down on the munchkin crew
Look me in the eye and show me your pearly whites
Start and sustain that chain of goodness that keeps the world alive.
And if by chance, you find yourself choking and out of breath, there will be enough energy generated to provide life support.
Don't underestimate the power of little beginnings
And if you are humbled by life in a chosen path, be proud enough to find courage to cruise down a different path. And just maybe you'd get to the same desired destination or even a better one.

So booyah!!!
No more dying anymore
And I get to have the exclusive
Figuring each part of the puzzle from my lil corner gradually
Casually running through the mace, there's hope to eventually, find, X
And then hello, from the other side to those still on how and y(why)
And waiting to be told the story by Ted and Zed.
So I'd go undercover if I need to, do well to hold my cover, then uncover, discover, and ultimately recover
For I am the Pathfinder, X.



  1. I am the path finder.������

  2. This is so deep.
    So mathematical.

  3. Word porn. This is beautiful! Kudos to the writer.


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