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In a bid not to be ignorant of health challenges people face, I thought of writing  about cancer prevention recipes.What do you think? I mean ''prevention is better than cure''. Let me be your personal physician on the cause of this post. Dr Vicky sounds pleasant to my hearing...hahaha

Cancer is one of the most feared and deadly diseases that affect human beings. In case you missed the last post on World Cancer Day,you can still read it up. Millions of people have lost their lives as a result of this disease. There are about 200 different types of cancer (most popular being breast, lung,cervical, prostate,bladder,colon, liver, stomach and cancer of the blood) and they can start in any type of body tissue.

Poor dietary intake, foods like cured meat(sausages, cured ham, bacon etc), grilled meats, or fried meats from animal based foods, food additives tobacco smoke, natural and man made radiation, overexposing the skin to the sun, alcohol consumption and virus can contribute and foster cancer development.

To prevent and reduce cancer risk, it is recommended to include fresh fruits and vegetable in ones diet.

1. Mixed vegetable


 This (potato, cabbage and carrot) is a wholesome and nutritious dish specially prepared to help in cancer prevention. This dish is rich in antioxidant vitamins(A,C,E). Antioxidant vitamins neutralize the effect of free radicals that cause cancer. Mixed vegetables should not be absent  from the diet of those who wish to protect themselves against cancer and heart disease.

It is also good for people living with cancer to help avoid malnutrition and slow the progress of the disease

This dish is  also an ideal dish for the stomach to help neutralize excess acidity, facilitate digestion and prevent constipation(difficulty and hard passing stools)

2. Vegetable juice

This colored juice that is made up of tomatoes, carrots and cucumber combined well and offered a drink that is full preventive and healing properties. It is also rich on vitamins A,C,E,B group and iron, which are highly beneficial to human health. Blend the tomatoes,carrots and cucumber, mix it well. Then serve it chilled with any healthy food of your choice.

   *Prevents arteriosclerosis
   *Boost immune system
   *Healthy arteries

Till next week when I bring you more health tips, stay healthy!!


  1. Lovely write up and thank you for the information.

    1. You're welcome. Stay informed and stay connected to the blog. Thank you😍


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