Two weeks ago a reader asked for this particular post, its quite funny that I had this pictures since then but can't place why I have not uploaded them. Anyways, here you go😆😆. You can also request for what you would like to see me put up on the blog provided they are within my three Niche( specialty), because I know some people will start saying things like sports( if I see such comments I'll find you and give you a knock on the head😏😏 but joke asides I'm just getting to like football so please easy on me).

Joggers (pants) are good news for all of us who are suckers for casual clothing, and believe in wearing things that are non-complicated, yet stylish. Hey, there’s some good news for us! If you are still wondering what joggers are and what are the different ways to wear joggers, continue reading. You are about to find out and get liberated!

The whole point of joggers is to get a relaxed and stylish look .

Combine them with a jacket. Try wearing a lightweight bomber or denim jacket.

Be careful when going smarter... don't overdo it.

''Keep Dreaming.
Shine Like A Star.
Never Give up.
You Are Your Own Beautiful''. 

 I am wearing a Grey Joggers With A Graphic White T-Shirt( I love graphic tees💜💜💜) and a Wine Bomber Jacket.You can wear this spending a casual Friday at the movies.

Wear some good trainers or sneakers.

Have fun while looking stylish.

What do you think about today's look? Do well to let me know in the comment section.



  1. Yes oo. You killed it. Its like you will lend me your joggers for a friday dear. Lol!

  2. This is very lovely and creative of you, keep it up��

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