Don’t sit in stuff that you know is toxic to/for you, because you are trying to look like ‘’the bigger person’’. You’re not doing yourself any favor; you are just validating abuse.

I personally don’t believe that people change. But growth is possible. Yet, some people will NOT grow, no matter how much time passes. And they won’t realize because they are happy to sit in their mess.

Some people will do sh*t, cause offence, then say it is your responsibility to avoid offence. I don’t know when such madness became OK.

Many times, people keep putting up with individuals who drain them because they are family or because they have known them for a long time.

You don’t keep tolerating bad behaviors from others because you don’t want to appear hard. Protect your peace. There is nothing more peaceful than doing away with relationships that drain you emotionally, psychologically and mentally.

Remove yourself from the circle of ungrateful people. Let them be!

Sometimes, people don’t learn to respect you until you are no longer around for them to disrespect. If you keep hanging around them, you will keep getting disrespected. I don’t think that’s what you want for yourself. Do the needful.

Your own mental health is and will always be more important than stuff that amounts to eye service. Some doors need to remain closed. Not because you hate anyone, because let’s face it – some folks are not worth the energy you need to muster, to hate; but because you do not need to put YOU first.

Protect yourself. Protect your space. Protect your peace.   


  1. There is always a lesson learnt from every single post on this blog- "sometimes, people don't learn to respect you until.... ". Nice writeup��

    1. That's my goal, that each reader picks one or two things they read on here and apply to their day to day life. Thank you so much Oluwafemi. Good to have you on here.

  2. This I love! We all need to learn to outgrow some things. Thanks for this Vicky.

    1. You're welcome dear. Thanks for stopping by to drop a comment.❤

  3. Vicky!
    This is a great piece I must commend.

    If someone isn't adding up to your life positively, we should learn to shut negative vibes.
    This life is too short to allow somebody kill our joy.😂

    Make I protect this space wey I get firs'...😂😂😂

    1. 😂😂😂😂 I agree with you Joshua. We won't allow anyone kill our Joy. Its always good to read from you. Thank you very much Joshua😙😙

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  5. Great post dear!

    This quote I love, "Everyday, stand guard at the door of your mind." We have to constantly do an audit of the kinds of people in our life, the impact they are having and be bold enough to make necessary decisions that would be in our best interest.

    It is so true like you said that there are some relationships that drain us emotionally, mentally and psychologically. It is depressing. But look at the great strides you will make when you put a stop to such relationships. You don't have to settle, it can be better. I just hope people affected can understand this and be courageous enough to do the needful.

    Insightful stuff as always, Victoria.


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