I feel bad for posting this late, I mean I had written this piece since and was just waiting for the perfect time to post it but looking at how things are going these days, I have come to realize that there is no perfect time for serious matters like this. When the death of  Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade came out it made me realize that I had to act fast on this matter. The news broke some days back that a lady reportedly parked her car locked it but left the lights on and jumped into the lagoon(lagos, Nigeria) and to her death in an apparent suicide, another life taken, so sad. No need to shy away from it, lets talk about it, lets tackle it, lets deal with it.


Yesterday I put a call through to a friend of mine I had not heard from, I just wanted to be sure he was not just fine but HAPPY.  I am sure a lot of people can relate to what I am saying, we put a call through or text people saying "Hey, are you fine?'' and 99% reply with ''I am fine'' when in the real sense they are not. From the way he spoke I could deduce that he was not fine but as usual he said he was, we spoke a bit and ended the call. After the call, I was so worried about him and I put another call through to see him and talk things out. Yeah, it helped a whole lot.


Sometimes you can't find the words to describe what you feel, you think about what the world will say if you do or don't do something, you'd rather live with whats bugging you until your whole being can't take it any more! What happens? You either crash from the stress and worry or you kill yourself just to be relieved from the misery!

You don't want anyone around you, or you be around anyone. You just want to be left alone. You keep thinking, ''whats life? whats the big deal in living? Just to eat and die!'' You feel life isn't worth living. Hey! if you are feeling this way just know you are slipping into depression! Seek HELP.

Depression is real...i was on that road last month( it was not a nice feeling, I knew I had to talk to someone and I did get help), i almost lost myself, it felt like the world was closing in on me, it seemed i had no one to talk to or share my challenges with! I had questions about my life, i talked to God and asked him why me?, I challenged God about what was happening to me both day in night out...i moved from one pain to the other!

I kept it all bottled in...a few friends were moved in the spirit and they called me while i was lying empty in my care giving period! These calls meant the world to me...they snapped me out of the thinking mind was always racing back and forth with what was and what would or could have been!

LIFE IS NOT A BED OF ROSES,they would say.

Depression is real...we may look beautiful in our made up faces and beautiful clothes, we have people envy others for the big cars and sweet life they enjoy but you have no idea what these individuals face in their private and quiet times!

Who would have thought that Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain could take their own lives?

These are 2 very successful human beings, making their marks in their careers, they had their spouses and kids who loved them...they had friends who loved them so what could have gone wrong?

Suicide is a growing problem in the United States. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published a survey  showing suicide rates increased by 25% across the United States over nearly two decades ending in 2016.

Twenty-five states experienced a rise in suicides by more than 30%, the government report finds.

What are the statistics here in Nigeria? How well are we keeping or staying informed about mental health issues? How many times do we book appointments to see clinical psychologists to share our concerns and worries with them?

Mental issues are not only characterised by dirty naked people walking the streets, there are people with mental cases and or issues in all spheres of life so this is a big issue and until we agree that mental issues and depression are very dangerous combinations, we may continue to go round in circles...blaming the devil or enemies who have no power over our lives!

With the things we read everyday, the time is now for you to reach out to that loved one or even that friend who you think has "changed" from the vibrant person you used to know or your heart tells you there could be something wrong...a text or a call can be all that is needed to have them change their minds from harming themselves!

It is truly impossible to determine whats in the heart from the expression on the face!

Please seek help, if you're in such state
Please talk and uproot the seeds before they sprout
Suicide is not normal
Suicide is not okay
Suicide can be prevented.

Reach out to someone today please.

Thank you


  1. We all need to contribute to the wellbeing of one another.
    You've said it all.

    As much as I have a lot running in and on my mind, I try as much as possible not to allow it get to my heart, if this can go for same other people, alas, we differ.

    I came to the realisation of one thing after sometime I assumed the leadership role of the class, that some people have one or two heavy things in their heart and mind but wouldn't ordinarily say it out, so what I do and that has become a part of me is to be be that friendly, jovial and happy looking person and display happily with a number of course mates knowing at the back of my mind that some things might be going wrong in one or two phases of their lives, so, my act, I feel, in a way, lighten them and make them be happy in the little way I can.

    More so, some people fail to speak out which is a big problem, just like you've stated and if anyone reading this falls into that category, kindly, let it out, let it all out, please.
    Don't be like, "ehn, I can't be telling people my secrets," stuffs like that, it's not about secret now, it's about your life. It's "dangerous" to your health and to us, your friends. Just let it all out and love freely with a free mind and be happy.

    Refuse to be depressed.

    Much love.

    1. Joshuaaaaa...always good to read from you. Thanks for your contribution and Yes, keep spreading happiness. 😍😍😍

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. You're welcome as always.

      Keep the good work up, dear. The top is meant for you.

  2. I hope this series will be in phases and not occasionally. Depression is real. For the depressed, nobody and nothing matters to them again. There's a very deep feeling of being unfortunate in life. That's how terrible it can be. That's what makes them keep to themselves.
    1. When someone's action changes for a length of time, such needs to be monitored.
    2. Check on people who are struggling to make ends meet at least once in a while and put calls to them occasionally to show them love. Not only that, give them your widows might when you see them.
    3.Make friends with those who you think less of. Make friends with those whom ordinarily you wouldn't have made friends with. A lot of the depressed fall into this category. The news may not carry it but there are.
    Maybe I will give you a lady's number who is hellbent on becoming a second wife to a married man. We have talked to her and she's insisting that's the man she wants. The man doesn't want her. This has affected her a lot. Seriously, I am afraid she will not do the unexpected. Care?

    1. Yes sir, I can help in my own little way. Thanks so much for your words, it opened my mind to more things.


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