The year is gradually rolling to an end and yeah we have arrived at the sixth month(how cool is that?). I do hope that you are not just moving with dates but also ticking your achievements for each month.

Enjoy this piece short piece.
I need you to understand that what ever you are going through is not peculiar to you alone.
What you're going through is not an exclusive preserve of yourself.
Read carefully,  EVERYBODY has one or two things they are dealing with. When I say everybody,  I mean everybody and that includes me.
From secret pains to open shame, personal struggles and private tears. Heartbreaks, disappointments, let downs,  regrets, stuff that make people cry and literally gnash their teeth. Everybody has a dose or more of life issues.

Everybody has what is either  driving them  to God or away from Him to booze and drugs.
When you see people and you're in awe of their personalities or admire how far they have come and made it in life,  you may want to sit with them and allow them open up on what they have had to contend with or are still contending with.
Behind the professionally filtered made up faces on social media are stories that filters can never erase.

You are complaining of not having a phone to at least make a phone call,  there's a deaf person somewhere whose ears were knocked off after a mild bout of fever. Would you rather trade places?

Let me take you to another person who lost a spouse,  a child to the cold hands of death.  Would you rather trade places?

You just lost a job but there's someone who used to be gainfully employed but is no longer certain of the next few hours because he or she is battling a debilitating sickness that is sniffing life out per second per second.

Friends,  this new month shift your focus a bit. Take it away from that issue.  Look at those around you, at least you can see some very obvious cases of people that life has dealt a terrible blow.

Be thankful that you can be thankful.
Be thankful that you can breath unaided. You're not fed through a tube.
There is hope, friends.
There is hope.
Be encouraged.
It won't always be like this.
Life's problems are not wired to last forever.  Only God lasts forever and if we have Him in our corner,  we're good.
It's a great month, your words breathe life... use it wisely. Speak to the month of June and it is done.

Go forth and thrive abundantly.



  1. Thanks thanks, Victoria.
    Happy New Month. Much more blessings come our ways this month.

  2. Nice post Queen V.

    People often complain so much about what they don't have that they neglect or under appreciate what they do have.

    This has caused severe havoc in different ways for different people!!

    This post has said it all.

    Thumbs up


    1. Thank you Jay, its so nice to read from you😍😍

  3. Nice write up phky,this particular post said my mind.

    this JUNE let us all win together!!


  4. Nice write up phky,this particular post said my mind.

    this JUNE let us all win together!!



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