Last weekend, I traveled down to Olumirin Water Falls, Erin-Ijesa with 4 of my friends . We had been meaning to have a girls trip since January but everyone had one or two things they were engaged with, finally the girls agreed to go hiking. My plan was to explore, stretch myself, make unforgettable memories with the girls, cool my head and tick off Ijesa from my growing list of places to visit in Nigeria.

Visiting waterfalls may be my new thing and I had heard/read a lot about Olumirin waterfalls that I just had to go check it out for myself. I’m not exactly the fittest or most adventurous person out there so being able to stretch myself that much during the hike made me re-think a few things about life.

This view gives me goosebumps💚💚💚

Hiking was really an experience- A mind-altering one too and it would be indictable of me not to share my own experience because nothing I had ever read about the waterfall prepared me for what I accomplished..

 According to one of the custodians of the waterfall, it was discovered by a woman called Akinla, founder of Erin-Ijesha town and a granddaughter of Oduduwa, the progenitor of the Yoruba race, in the year 1140 AD during the migration of Ife people to Erin- Ijesa. Legend has it that when it was first discovered, the waterfall had the appearance of a mysterious figure.

It was a days trip as we spent less than 2 hours on the road. My Friends and I boarded a commercial bus going to Ijesa at the Ilesha Garage in Ife. Ilesha is a neighboring town to Erin Ijesa, the town where the waterfall is located in.

The bus driver charged us #5000 to and fro the journey (just before you say it was cheap, my girls did a lot of negotiation). It was a pretty smooth ride, we left Ife by past 9 am, and got there around 11 am( It was a days trip as we spent less than 2 hours on the road.)

The journey to Ijesa was pretty straightforward seeing as Ijesa is quite close to Ile Ife (Osun state) – our take-off point. We initially planned to get a straight cab but later decided to rough it out and go full public transport mode so that we could take in more of the sights, immerse ourselves and have that full travel experience.

The driver was nice enough to drop us really close to the entrance ( knowing they don’t ply that axis since most of their passenger are not headed there) and we found our way easily. It was a rural setting and I loved it because it was something quite different from the urban setting I am used to.


At the entrance, you’ll see a parking area, a couple of people playing table tennis, selling shower caps, slippers, snacks  and also the ticket stand. Tickets cost N500 for adults.We declined the offer of a tour guide( I wish we did not😡).

We got in and started the longest walk I’ve ever done in my life  I honestly never expected the hike to be that deep! We met a lovely couple who were all lovey dovey  and quite a number of school boys and girls who were on excursion.


Do you like my hairstyle? I ditched my extensions😛

Time spent amongst trees is never time wasted

Walking to the first and second levels of the Erin Ijesha waterfall was already enough struggle for me even with the fact that there were stairs to guide us and make the walk a bit easier. I was not a bit prepared for the mountain climbing that followed. Who can relate?😌.

The waterfalls made up for the first two levels of climbing though. It was such a prodigious view, my God! I really do not know how to explain how awesome it is. My eyes beheld beauty. I saw, touched and tasted beauty. The breeze at the waterfall is cool and refreshing, the water flows among rocks and splashes down with great force to the evergreen vegetation around. The whole scenery is fascinating. I couldn’t help but fall in love with nature afresh.

Going further up, we had to climb the rocks (on all four sometimes to ensure you don’t slip) as there were no stairs to lead the way anymore, at a point I wished I was a monkey or gorillas, so I could just jump,lol. The views also reminded me of the movie ''Legend of Tarzan''. It was such an exhausting hike! At some point, my friends and I missed the way (reason why you should go with a tour guide). My heart kept racing so bad all I could think of was home (weird right? I know). I valued the essence of fitness at that stage of my life. A sound mind in a sound body.

It was a big struggle to get to the third level, that was where I had the most fun, we did water race, stayed afloat and did a quite a number of task inside the water. We had to be very careful with some of the rocks at the fall as they were very slippery (I doubt if it’s always like that because we met a man scrubbing them).


We all turned back at the fourth level. I was exhausted/panting at some point from the walk but I think that’s basically because I have not done this in a long while.We got back into the first level and washed our bodies off the mud we had acquired on our rough journey (mine was worse, I’m unapologetic about it, I was holding on to dear life). The walk back was faster and not so nice, I was scared and my legs were already screaming for help.

It was such a struggle climbing up yet my friends didn’t indulge me and made me test my limits. Would I be climbing up the Erin Ijesa waterfall again? NO! One experience is enough for me. 

I can still feel the ache in my body here typing this but this doesn’t mean that I won’t be climbing more hills and chasing other waterfalls in the nearest future. A girl is ready to explore.

Regardless of the fact that it was really strenuous for me (I was so tired that I walked like a snail, lol). It was still a very nice experience and I was happy that I made the trip down. Discovering new places with friends and ticking off places from my travel list will forever be in my good memory.

Having a picnic here is not a bad idea, just ensure you go there loaded😋😋.


1.Please go with the grace of God and friends. I was scared of falling off.

2.Ensure you take refreshments along. Trust me you don’t want to be done hiking and have nothing to put in your stomach (that will be so tragic,that was what happened to I and the girls).

3.Find a comfortable pair of sneakers to wear and put slippers in your bag because walking in wet shoes isn’t exactly fun except you want to go into the water barefooted like I did.

4.Go with major expectations.

Corn is in season, bought it on our way back. Yummy!!

Byee...hope you had a nice time?
For those who have visited the waterfall, did you reach the seventh floor or you stopped half way like me (I’m not even ashamed of myself), tell me about your experience. Kindly share your experience at the comment section. For those who haven’t visited yet, I hope this piece helps you as you look forward to visiting.

I am open to suggestions on places to visit. Help my adventurous life😉 so I can add it to my ''to visit'' list..


  1. And to think that I have never been there... I look forward

    1. Yaay. Make sure you shareyour experience when you visit💃

  2. Nice views, mouth watering perspective. I look forward to visiting

    1. Thank you opeyemi. Don't forget to share your experience when you do😍

  3. Erin Ijesha is a place of Fuuuuuuuunnnnn!!!!!💯💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥😋😋😋
    ...if and only if, you go with friends and menu menu o.


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