It's a beautiful Monday morning and I really hope that your mood throughout this week will be "Lit" just like mine in the above picture. Remember "Happiness is Free"; choose to use it wisely.

For today's' look, I choose to wear a Denim jacket, crop top (tucked in) and white lace skirt. You will agree with me that this is not your regular casual. I mean who throws on some denim on a Monday? (me) 😉. You can choose to button up and tuck in the jacket. Depending on how comfortable you are, heels or flats to the rescue.

Nails by @ Scenami

Nails by @ Scenami

Let me make a quick public announcement; are you ready for it? 📢📢

Seeing that lots of people loved my review on my waterfall experience ( if you missed it, read it Here) and the number of questions seems endless I've decided to take my readers on my next trip💃💃. It's going to be sometime in September, if you'll love to be part of it just send me a mail ( to book your space, it promises to be every bit of the word FUN.  Details will be announced later.

Also, I'm starting my exams during the fourth week of August which is next week and I'll need to prepare adequately for it. So I'm taking a short break from the blog till after exams( don't miss me too much yeah😉). Say a word of prayer for me and Wish me luck guys.

This new week, SQUEEZE yourself out into life. You never know how much you carry until  you press yourself.

Have an awe-amazing week


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