A friend of mine, Johnson requested my view about Acrimony by Tyler Perry. Allow me to transfer my opinion.

It was the situation of Robert Gayle and Melinda Moore who met adventitiously doused in the rain. While Robert was apologizing, Melinda was reviling and faulting as opposed to finding an answer. In the battle to get off the rain, papers were traded unwittingly. Time passed. Robert searched for Melinda to restore the paper. Extremely wise a person; yet anger blindfolded her from seeing the magnificence wrapped up in a man who had no cash to support his studies yet depend on grants and school advances. Endeavoring to apologize for the occasion that goes before their gathering in the rain she was cleared off by his brains; knowing something that is in her review. Her dream was started up; envision how he was the entire person she at any point required in this lifetime.

After some time, they turned out to be near none with the exception of themselves. The dissatisfaction with the senior sister was intense and aggravating, yet she moved forward trusting the dream of the person. Against the guidance of not revealing the riches left for her by her mother she opens up to him and in a brief time, the fluid money vanished and dense on invention costs. While pursuing, she discovered him cheating. She excused this and went on. They got hitched and after school, he couldn't land a position. Hardship was the tale of their lives. She petitioned for legal separation out of fury. One that originated from the wrong data of the present and the correct data of the past. The previous sort of data is the gossip of her kin advocated by the oldest sister. Also, the correct data of the hard cheat that however she cherished the person yet couldn't overlook it. The battle was the sign of his life. Couldn't land a position on account of the past criminal case. Regardless of that, he didn't abandon his dream. He kept at it and stayed with composing letters to a for a year until at long last fortune favored him and he got a call. At first, he turned down the offer. Later called and his dream was figured out. Robert was a moderate riser. Melinda got exhausted and I surmise that horrendous period really harmed her and released the brute in her.

Lessons from the Thriller

1. You have to discover that you are in charge of your decision throughout everyday life and you should acknowledge that. At the acknowledgment, dependably search for an answer as opposed to scrutinizing and reviling and grumbling the main scene of her story on how they met. In that, while she was caught up with attempting to get an answer for the paper fell on the ground, she was beating him and saying all way of things.

2. Check the poise of the individual you are considering spending the rest of your life with. Unquestionably, she had no influence over her anger. Her wrath hauls her against the bravery to be patient to listen carefully regardless of whether what she saw was valid. In any case, you know to act while furious is to ruin things. You have to look out for that. Ask yourself "does he or she have command over his soul or her soul?"

3. When you know you are dating a man: particularly the person who has a dream, sense of purpose and you are also considering to wed him, you would be wise to trust it to the end. Give it a chance to settle in your mind that this dream either worked out or not you will stick to him. It was after she tuned in to wrong data, separated from him that fortune came and he was honored by the photos he had in his brain and talked by his mouth.

4. As a woman or man dependably check the historical backdrop of the individual you intend to marry if it is something you can live with. Some portion of the conjugal pressure the woman hampered was the way she became acquainted with later that Robert was an ex-convict and the framework in the USA does not give business open door for any in that class along these lines, three organization turned him down. She was crushed and felt her life was a wreck. To lift off some weight, she worked in two places just to pay the bills. She ought to have made some personal investigation to comprehend what she was anticipating. Maybe that would have facilitated the unforeseen worry in her spirit.

5: You require budgetary proficiency. USD 350,000 on education and inventions alone! He ought to have gone to the bank and do treasury bills or central government bond. It ought not to be an instance of spending all you have on your dream and want. You have to know how to profit function for you as a man with the goal that you don't put your devotee to peril, after all, it's anything but a wrongdoing to put stock in your dream. No doubt, Gayle got a job when families needed to come into the issue. What's more, women as well, get monetary instruction. How might you think your legacy of such sum is to be spent on a man's fantasy (certain or unverifiable). Why not do some long haul venture to spare the connection SHIP from inverting. It is possible that you do land or treasury bills and works on motivating livelihoods to fund your dreams. Indeed they sold the house. They could have gone out for littler loft in other to balance the bill.

6. A signal from number 2 lessons. Try not to settle on a choice in a snapshot of fierceness, outrage, joy and blissful occasions. You can never confide in your choice amid those occasions. quality choices are with the end goal that stems from all-encompassing perceptions of advantages and disadvantages. You can never observe through what you are going to choose when you are irate and cheerful. settle on a choice in him, cool of your brain, memory and minute. That is to say, times you are quiet and think straight. In the event that Melinda had realized that Gayle would "Mallet" in the following multi-month, might be she would not have petitioned for legal separation.

7. Well, this may be hard for a few who show how life regards them via social media. I need to state after the finish of a relationship abstain from posting pictures via social media displaying what you do, it will spare you a lot. The fury was aggravated by the online life post of Robert and his new to be spouse. She followed their area through internet-based life and that was the finish of the sweet life that was going to begin.

8.  Assume liability for your choice and activities. everything that occurs in Acrimony was a move of fault. She moved fault on Robert that he didn't battle when she separated from him.

For the individuals who wished to know who I accuse well, I point the finger at Tyler Perry, lol. Melinda could have gotten more money on the off chance that She played her cards well. Robert was prepared to help her. Regardless, her disdain and outrage crushed her. There comes a chance to state "Let go and let God"

These are the lesson I learned. What did you learn? I'll love to read from you.


  1. I've been looking for an indepth view of Acrimony since forever, you gave a very beautiful view, love it!! My thoughts exactly

    1. Wow I'm happy you discovered it here. Much thanks for stopping by to drop your comment.

  2. My bad, I haven't seen the movie.
    But one or two lessons gotten already for Victoria Oyedepo has given us an insight to it!!!

    1. I'm happy I did. I'll beg you to in any case watch it.

  3. 👏👏👏👏..Salient points🙌👌👌..

    Honestly I agree with you, Tyler Perry is at fault🤣🤣, because really how else is someone supposed to evaluate this movie without people telling you you're wrong??🤣🤣..The degree of disagreement and fight this movie caused ehnnnn??? Well, I feel the fault came from all the actors, Tylep Perry inclusive 🤣.. Everyone had their fault itsi just the degree that's different 😊..Let me stop here biko🚶🏽‍♂️🚶🏽‍♂️

    1. loooool, I can't laugh enough. Thanks for dropping your honest thought.

  4. Of course,the blame goes round, even Tyler Perry is to blame. Lol! From melinda's narrative, she knew he was that kinda man, yet she married him. So, who then should we fault more?. Hence, the bonds of matrimony are sacrosanct and no sacrifice is too great. When you decide to be with a man with a vision, be ready to follow through to the end with him. The whole point of it all is Leave a bad man, especially one who cheated on you before marriage and leaches off your financial resources.. "Never stay in toxic relationships" or else be ready to face all the drama that comes with and after the marriage. I drop my pen here. Lol!

    1. The part that struck me "never stay in toxic relationships". Thanks for dropping your honest opinion😚😚. Stay connected

  5. My younger brother recommended this movie to me. Said I'd like it as he knows I love deep stuffs. I hesitated for a long time for reasons known to me. Then I watched it. I didn't regret it as it took me into a train of thoughts.

    I found it hard taking sides. To me, both had their faults and it is hard to say one's was more than the other. Although, I am a lot disappointed at how Robert played it after he eventually became successful. He could have handled the situation a lot better. He had more clarity than Melinda when he attained success as his was a moment of peace. Melinda was in deep pain and anguish, so less clarity.

    But anyways, that is like an almost repeated occurrence in the movie. They both could have handled the situation better at every point in time.

    I really love your analysis by the way. Ignorance is not bliss and I love how you explained in details how the inheritance left to Melinda could have been better used without turning a blind eye to Robert's dreams if wisdom was allowed to come in.

    All in all, it was a good movie. But I hope people who have watched it would not use this movie *in its entirety* as a general principle in judging people and making life decisions.

    Enjoy the movie, take the lessons, but remember, with wisdom, the plot could have had a happy ending. Thank you. Great post.

    1. Thank you very much Temitope. So good to read your view on the movie.


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