The most essential element in life is food. I want to recognize and thank farmers for all their effort, despite many challenges, to grow our food.

World food day is celebrated every year around the world on 16 October in honor of the date of the founding of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in 1945. People from around the world come together to declare their commitment to eradicating worldwide hunger In 2018 the theme is: Our actions are our future, a goal to reach worldwide by 2030. One way or the other we can all help to achieve zero hunger by reducing the amount of food we waste.

Food might be characterized as anything either solid or liquid which when it is gulped, it can complete at least one of three things;

1. Give the body materials from which it can deliver warm and different types of vitality.

2. Give materials to empower development, repair of substantial tissues or multiplication to continue

3. Supply substance which ordinarily controls the creation of vitality or the procedure of development, repair or multiplication.

I am not a foodie, I eat in little bits (I don't know why subsequent to taking a couple spoons of food I get full, any specialist in the house to illuminate me on why that is?). I look forward to eating various food from different tribes and nations (what a great quest) In particular, I eat healthily.

As we as a whole are observing World Food Day recollect that we are so blessed to have food consistently.

Give me a chance to share a few delicacies on here, it could fill in as food inspiration😉

Beef Dodo

Yam and Egg sauce

Peppered Snail
The famous Nigerian Jollof Rice
The famous Nigerian Jollof Rice

All meals prepared by @thekitchenmonster, @kikifoodies, and @thekitchenmuse. You can also check them out on Instagram as they have mouth-watering meals that will revive your taste bud. You'll get your money's worth.

Tell me, if you could eat only one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?


  1. World food day, one of the good days to celebrate, not that i am a foodie but I feel happy when I get good food. If I could eat only one food for the rest of my life, it'd be white rice and stew.

    1. oh yeah, I love good food too. Nice choice of food. Thanks for stopping by to drop your comment

  2. The famous Nigerian Jollof rice all the way ma'am!

    Any other jollof is a "canterfeet"😂😂😂😂😂

    Happy World Food Day Vickie!
    I didn't get to know on time I would've shared my Yam with you.😉😉😉😉

    More so, emphasis be, please, placed on the wastage of food, our people should stop wasting foods at events, ceremonies because hunger is really out there with a lot of persons in need of these foods we waste.

    Hunger no good for body, make we eradicate hunger.

    The Yoruba says, "ebi o nwonu k'órò mi wo", meaning that, Hunger no dey enter belle make another thing enter...😁😁😁

    Peace out fam!💪💪💪

    1. The Yoruba adage is so true.

      The importance of non wastage of food cannot be over emphasised. Thanks for reinforcing that.
      Yeah, I won't forget, I'm getting my yam tomorrow😁. You did not state your best food😛

      Thank you Joshua 😘

    2. My bad😞😞😞😞

      My best food???😙😙😙 Rice and Spagh.😘😘😘

  3. Hehehe.. One food forever??? That's going to be BEANS😋😋😋. The love I have for beans😫😫🤗🤗..

    Most people will be forming "whew, yuck" shiorr🤣🤣. Soo many helath benefits from that food man. Happy world beans dayyy💃💃💃

    1. lol... I can see you are a big beans fan. Beans is a very good source of protein, but people have preferences you wouldn't blame then. Thanks for stopping by to read, good to read from you too


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