I have not really been much of a poetry person but I admire poets a lot. Let's talk about love at first sight, that was my case three days ago. I set my eyes on this masterpiece and it caught my attention so bad I couldn't wait to read it. I read it all in a single night, I just couldn't put it down, I mean 300 pages in one night. A Mindset of The Moon is filled with raw emotions that are expressively communicated in the most relatable way...lots of Aha and Wow Moments, I was literarily blown away.

TheLion CahTame has the astounding capacity to express things that I feel - things that I at times feel like nobody else on the planet would get it. Something wonderful about this book is that these words are originating from a man. So frequently, as ladies, we can be deluding to surmise that men don't feel for our situation. His pieces took me on a journey of self-reflection but also of healing--from heartbreak, from broken thoughts that needed to be recalibrated.

ThisLion CahTame allowed my heart, mind, and soul travel through a place where it has never been.  Words of wisdom and total understanding were expressed in ThisLion writing. ThisLion chose to stand up for ladies, enable men to become closer to a woman's emotional side and stand up in the interest of men.

 His writing examines humility, ego, karma, responsibility, imperfections, actions, constructive criticism, friendship, loss, love, peace, growth, beauty, pain, and self-love. His compositions are for the hearts of ladies and the brains of men. "A mindset of the moon" is genuinely a must have.

I was anxious to find out more about the writer so I searched for him and was stuck on his page for over 60 minutes. We connected, he's snappy and responsive. You can also connect with ThisLion CahTame on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr @thislioncahtame. The book is available on Amazon.


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