I was setting up the arrangement of the post for the week when a call came in so I needed to concede the post that should go up and expound on this problem that is begging to be addressed.

 A babe committed suicide because of her genotype and also depression. A final year university student also committed suicide because he failed a course. These stories dampened my spirit. The rate at which people battle different things these days and resort to giving it all up baffles me. Trust me, I've been on that path before, I understand the struggles of failure (“If you’re not making mistakes, then you’re not doing anything. I’m positive that a doer makes mistakes.” John Wooden). I understand what it means to be depressed and I'm not saying it was an easy journey but I made sure I sought help as fast as I could. I told myself ''rather than wallow in this mess, I will pick it all up and shine again''.

 Your mental health is as important as the clothes you put on.  I have come to realize that everything will be just fine. The things we get unnecessarily worked up about might not even matter in two months.

 Things will start to make sense. The world is not out to get you. Nobody is against you.

 Its okay to crack under pressures sometimes. You are perfectly capable of enduring whatever life throws your way. This is just a simple reminder that things will work out fine no matter the odds.

Keep pushing forward. No matter what kind of rough spot you are in mentally, physically, emotionally, it's all temporary. I can affirm that you will get through it. You always do. Instantly throw out any negative thoughts, stay positive and remember to keep BREATHING. Life is worth living. Life is beautiful.

Have an amazing week full of positivity to crush every negative vibes or energy.

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