Last week I couldn't but help think about life and its many failures.

“It is impossible to live without failing at something unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all, in which case you have failed by default.” — J.K. Rowling

Some portion of life incorporates praising our failures as much as we commend our triumphs. There would be times when we fall flat, and this isn't on the grounds that we didn't put in our best, but since that is exactly what life involves.

I remember failing my first West African Examination and I surmise that was my first in life. I failed Mathematics and one other subject. I had an F which meant I couldn't process any admission as Mathematics, English and three core courses were prerequisites for gaining admission. It felt like my life was over, I mean how do I explain to my parents that I had to rewrite the West African Examination? They were so infuriated but re-enrolled me in another school to take the exam. I proceeded, wrote the exam, had a B in both subjects and passed other subjects too (I had to rewrite the eight subjects), yay, I came out in flying colors.

Another failure I experienced was in my third year in University, I had 37F and was required to retake the course. To be very honest I felt like an idiot. I was furious that I would sit with my juniors to take the exam once more. But that didn’t deter me, I went ahead, wrote the exam, had a C and moved on.

I nearly backed down from the just concluded up Brest Cancer Awareness and Examination that held a month ago. I sent emails to individuals soliciting for financial support for the program however I didn't get any positive response. The man who even responded said he would have sponsored the program but he did not trust the authenticity of the program. I felt too bad and thought ''how do we carry on with this program without funds?'', I'm so thankful for the best emotionally supportive people I have around me who cheered me on and told me we could work with the little amount we have. Need I mention that the program was a huge SUCCESS? If you missed it, you can read up here.

 I could continue forever about the numerous disappointments and failures I have encountered and I am certain a large number of us would have stories to share also.

Bill Gates has amassed a mind-boggling net worth of close to $80 billion and is known as the infamous father of modern personal-computing software. He brought us operating systems such as Microsoft DOS and Windows, along with wildly-popular titles such as Microsoft Office’s Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. However, at the age of seventeen-years-old, his first software company called, Traf-O-Data, which analyzed raw traffic logs, failed.

Henry Ford is the father of the automobile, and quite possibly one of the most famous industrialists to have ever lived. He helped bring transportation to the masses in America, and subsequently throughout the world. But his start was far from noteworthy. Ford’s first company went bankrupt. His second company also went south when, after a dispute with partners, he was forced to walk away with only the rights to his name.  

One of the most successful authors in history is J.K. Rowling. However, unlike what some might believe, Rowling’s fame didn’t come easy. While she didn’t grow up poor as a child, as an adult, she struggled. She was a single mother living on welfare, trying to support her daughter. It took her seven years to write the story of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, and when she finished, all twelves major publishing houses rejected the book

Robert T. Kyosaki is best known for penning the Rich Dad Poor Dad book. But that didn’t happen until he was fifty-years-old. Prior to that, Kiyosaki endured massive amounts of failure. At the age of thirty-years-old, his first company went bankrupt. His next company, three years later, also went bankrupt. However, Kiyosaki never gave up. He kept trying and trying until he succeeded. 

Still, while we’re suffering through the disheartening and gut-wrenching pains of failure, we’re often not thinking about thriving, we’re solely focused on surviving. When we fail, it makes us question everything, right down to the very heart of who we are and why we’ve been put here on this earth. But failure, as much as it hurts, is also a necessary part of life. It’s the pathway to our goals.

In fact, the most successful and famous people in the world have endured the most failures in life. They’ve failed repeatedly. But they’ve also gotten back up. They didn’t throw in that proverbial towel. They didn’t call it quits or head for the ropes. They got up and kept going. And that’s just what it takes to succeed.

Failure doesn't define anybody and shouldn't define you. It's a proof that you begun something and attempted. Numerous individuals did not get that chance to try and attempt by any means.

In any case, what the vast majority don't understand is that failure goes about as a venturing stone towards progress. It's through our biggest failures that we take in more about existence, love, objectives, joy and every one of the things that make us into our identity today.

If you have encountered the horrible impacts of failure, or you're experiencing it at the present time, comprehend that failure will make you more grounded. It will make you more astute — more sensitive to the things you need out of life, and more educated on exactly how to approach those things.

Achieving greatness isn’t something that comes easy whatsoever. But it does eventually come as long as you don’t give up. 

Try not to feel embarrassed about your disappointments/failures rather celebrate them. Try not to recoil back in dread about them, yet utilize them to offer yourself. They are your story, claim it.

One of the lessons 2018 taught me is never to quit attempts. FAILURE is a piece of life. FAILURE is alright.

Will you like to share how you overcame failure? I'll be in the comment section waiting to read from you. Feel free to share.


  1. Uhm...

    Failure is a necessary part of life, my dear.

    What I've come to learn is that, failure doesn't define who we are, or who we'd become, just like you've said ditto, we are rather defined by how we've evolved, grown past and become better over our failures.

    I tell myself every now and then, "I AM NOT A FAILURE IRRESPECTIVE OF WHAT HAPPENS"

    Currently, I'm set to retake a course and I'm not afraid because I know I'm better than whatever circumstance that might come my way.

    To my other readers, you're worth more than that which you might be facing or be faced with.
    Redirect positively the setbacks to your own good.

    Be strong.💯💪😍

    1. Thank you Joshua. Glad you could openly share your story. You are not a failure. I trust that you'll regenerate back just like the Phoenix. Success is yours sweety, I'm rooting for you❤

    2. ��������
      Thanks dear.

  2. "Failure is a piece of life. Failure is all right." Deep.

    Felt emotional reading this because of my experiences in what was supposed to be my final semester in school. I could easily relate.

    Anyways, paraphrasing the words of Winston Churchill: failure is not fatal, success is not final, it is the courage to continue that counts.

    The key is to rise always and continue while using the mistakes of the past as a school and not a club.

    Inspiring post Victoria.

    1. Wow,thanks for sharing this with us. And like you rightly said the key is to rise always and continue while using the mistakes of the past as a school and not a club.

  3. It's funny when I tell people how I overcome failure, but that's just the truth. I cry, then I calm down and get a good sleep, thereafter, I watch a lot of funny videos.
    I've followed that routine for a very long time now and trust me it helps me greatly. Coming here and talking to few trusted friends also helps. Thanks so much for this post, God bless you more Vicky for the motivation 😘😘

    1. Aww thank you very much for this personal solution. I'm sure a number of people will find it helpful.

      It's nice to have you on here Auggie. Welcome and kindly stay connected with vob😍😍


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