An old beetle painted  and illustrated creatively

I had finished writing my exams and I felt so drained. I needed to refresh my head with ideas so when I heard of the annual final year exhibition of the Department of Fine and Applied Arts, Obafemi Awolowo University, I knew art was going to do the refreshing.  I spoke to a friend, she was super interested and we decided to go together. A company will do😉.  I love and appreciate art with uncanny energy that drives a lot of my innovative undertakings. The exhibition, lasted a week and I was present on the first day. Attending it gave me the opportunity to meet the various talented artist and also appreciate art the more.

Here are some of the creative art works I caught on camera. I hope you enjoy them and see the beauty in all.

The statue of Queen Moremi

Made from covers of bottles

Made out of used cans

Made out of tyres

Tom_d_artist work. Painted with shoelace
The man in the painting is Uche Okeke a Nigerian artist of an International repute. Uche Okeke is the founder of the Nsukka Art movement.
Michelle_kiwies work

Mercy_ayomide work made out of ribbons

A spider made out of used plastic bottles for beautification and light bulb covers

A spider made out of used plastic bottles  for beautification and light bulb covers

An Ostrich made out of used plastic bottles  for beautification and light bulb covers

A Rhino

A Horse made out of used plastic bottles.


Just like Amin A will say “Everything Na  (Is) Art”  because it celebrates the blurred lines between what we see with our eyes and how we perceive the images of the world around us through that same “lens”. 

Are you an Art Lover? Tell me what Art means to you.


  1. Art is life, life is art😆.. It's exciting, it's exquisite!!

  2. I wanted to go for this Art exhibition but I didn't get enough information about it so I missed it.. Thank you for sharing these amazing pictures of art with us!! 💟

    1. Awwww glad you enjoyed them. Maybe you can get enough information about the next art display.😘


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