"Anybody who knows anything of history knows that great social changes are impossible without the feminine ferment." – Karl Marx

International Women's Day is merrily and indulgently praised everywhere throughout the world worshiping the noteworthy commitments and accomplishments of ladies who have sparkled in their individual spaces. It isn't important that these ladies must be the CEOs or proprietors of worldwide organizations; they can be customary ladies making close to nothing or enormous commitments in their own particular manner to the society.

Throughout history, in every culture around the world, extraordinary women have pushed society to think bigger, move forward and create. Helen Keller, Aretha Franklin, Oby Ezekweli, Serena Williams Hillary Clinton, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Dr Ola Brown (Orekunrin), J. K. Rowling, Mother Teresa, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf,  Michelle Obama, Malala Yousafzai, Ibukun Awosika, Folorunsho Alakija, Margaret Thatcher, Hajiya Khadija Gambo Hawaja, or our own one of a kind mothers who fill our hearts with tremendous pride that we have such women to move us in varying social statuses.

"There is no limit to what we as women can achieve."- Michelle Obama  

 "There is no force more powerful than a woman who is determined to rise."- W.E.B Du Bois 

We live in a world where boys are raised to be afraid of fear and vulnerability. Yes, they are taught to mask their true self. How about the girls that grow to be women? Girls are taught to be less ambitious, less successful so as not to threaten the men. They are told to shrink themselves and live in the shadow of who they are meant to be. These girls grow to become women who silence themselves. They walk into a board room filled with men and get this "you don't belong here" look.

Everyone wants to make a change but no one wants to actually BE the change. We hear about gender equality a lot but when its time to walk the talk it takes COURAGE, DETERMINATION & STRENGTH to be able to rise up for our cause.

As women, we are much more capable than what we think and we should not let gender limit what we can achieve in life.

The theme of this year's International Women's Day is BALANCE FOR BETTER. I would say that Balance for Better should not just involve the women but also the men so that everyone stays enlightened. Creating an environment where women and men can feel confident and thrive is how we achieve a more gender-balanced world.  It means an equal representation of men and women at all levels of leadership, more importantly, it means reaching a place where we never assume that a role or a career path is out of reach because of gender.

In honour of IWD some hard working ladies and I rendered our voice for a BALANCE FOR BETTER to help inspire and empower fellow women to find their voice for what they truly deserve. (Watch Here) its a 4 minutes video.

I hope that our world soon becomes set free from gender disparity where men and women are true to themselves. It's my responsibility as much as it's yours to make this world a gender-balanced one. I am totally ready for a more gender-balanced world because BETTER THE BALANCE, BETTER THE WORLD.

Balance for Better Pose
The pose is to show that you are committing to "balancing for better" and that you will challenge the status quo and help forge more equality for women. The hands put out on each side, palms up indicate balance. 

I want the ladies associated with me ambitious and aspiring to get to the very top and if they are fine living a life of mediocrity or a dependent life or a low-key life, it shouldn't be because of what society would say, or to please a man, it should come from the innermost conviction and a matter of choice. Who chooses mediocrity anyways? Most times, it is often as a result of a lack of enlightenment.

"I definitely wouldn't want my future daughter to live a life solely to please a man...neither would I want that for any of my female friends or would I expect a lady to do that for me." - Temitope Ojo

That is why we need more women who are vocal about encouraging other ladies to aspire to become more. It is not going to be easy because, honestly, the odds are not really in favor of women. That is why we see an unfair balance between men CEOs and women CEOs, but if more men can be brought into the picture, and serve as real partners for their wives and lovers, eventually - it may take a while, probably a generation of more enlightened folks - but eventually, there would be a balance.

Top ten worlds most gender equal countries

1. Iceland
2. Norway
3. Finland
4. Rwanda
5. Sweden
6. Nicaragua
7. Slovenia
8. Ireland
9. New Zealand
10. Philippines

(Source: Global Gender Gap Report 2017, World Economic Forum)

This IWD 2019, recognize each lady in your life and let them know their significance and the exceptional spot they hold in your life.


Who are the women heroes that changed your world for the better? Mention them in the comments beneath!


  1. Happy International Women's Day Vicki!! Beautiful post as usual💟. My women heroes are my mum and sisters and every woman out there who has encouraged me to be better😄

    1. Thank you so much Rofiyat. Big shout out to your mum, sisters and every woman who has encouraged you this far. ❤


    Babe, you're going to places and this voice of yours is a seasoned need. I'm so proud of you using it. . .

    My Women includes My Mama, Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Ibukun Awosika, Yvonne Orji, a couple of others and my female friends (because y'all are the real deal - a force to reckon with).

    1. Awww thank you sweety❤. Your support has been tremendously helpful. Shout out to the great women you listed (sorry I couldn't write them all, I mean how do I end the list of great women?). Cheers to making greater impacts🤗

  3. Serena Williams and her success journey gave me that paradigm shift years ago, it only the values and quality invested time that makes the difference in the sex of any child. Wish all parents would know that every child has got his or her purpose engraved in her DNA and all we are to do is help them discover them and unleash all these potentials. A balanced world will be reached faster if our minds is willing to see that the change is here and now.

    1. No doubt it all begins in the mind.Every child should be helped to unleash their potentials.
      Then create balance in opportunities.
      Success, intelligence, professionalism are not gender sensitive. Thank you for your contribution ❤

  4. Tracy Chapman, Sade Adu, Whitney Houston, india aire,Mrs T.Ashiru, Evangelist Mrs. Enih.
    These ones have made me realise a woman is good enough to be where she wants to be. I get the whole balance for better now. It's still about #Equality. I hope like you more girls, ladies and women realise that they can play their own part in achieving the balance for better movement. Big ups to you too babe.

    1. Big shout out to the great women you mentioned above. I'm glad you understand the balance for better movement now. Thank you Ade❤

  5. While there are so many women heroes out there, the first two that always come to mind is my Mum and Mrs. Ibukun Awosika. My mum (who happens to be a teacher) really drilled us while we were young and she instilled in us a love for knowledge, likewise my dad. Maybe things are quite different now, because we are no longer kids, but I can never forget the role she played in our lives during childhood up to when I finished secondary school...and that really is what matters most, the foundation. She was always particular about the foundation and was always like "foundation lo shey pataki ju."

    Then Mrs. Ibukun Awosika. She is a role model to me...maybe because I have similar University stories with her, and my interests and values align with hers...maybe because she is just a massive inspiration to a lot of young ladies out there...maybe because the kind of glass ceilings she has broken through are the kind of heights I would wish for every lady I am close to, to attain in whatever endeavour they venture into...maybe because she is Nigerian, so her story is easy to relate with. Her story offers an alternative, refreshing perspective...and I am like, if this lady (or every other women heroes out there) could do it, why not the ladies I know. So I try to encourage every lady I meet to dare to dream and aspire to get to the top so that their stories can also be told by younger generations. We need more stories like hers being told.

    We need to do away with the single story. We need new perspectives. We need more refreshing stories that are alternatives to the conventional norm.

    That is why I am always glad when I see you voice out. Thank you so much for all you do. You are already an inspiration to many, Victoria. Keep up the good work. The rewards are definitely coming; whatever good things we build end up building us. You will definitely reap all the good things you have sown and keep on sowing.

    Cheers and a Happy International Women's Day to you and every lady out there.

    1. Big shout out to your mum for those values instilled in you. The adage "Train up a child the way they should grow and when he/she is old they will not depart from it." Mrs Ibukun Awosika keeps motivating us to smash those goals and never settle for mediocrity.

      Thank you so much Temitope, it's always a good read from you❤❤

  6. My mum, my sister in law, so many more I can't start to mention.. Happy international women's day to you and to all the amazing women out there.

  7. Happy International Women's Day Vicki!! Beautiful post as usual💟. My women heroes are my mum and sisters and every woman out there who has encouraged me to be better😄


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