Did the Palms actually whisper and what exactly were they saying? Don't ask me...keep reading😛.

The trip to Badagry took longer than I expected. That Lagos-Badagry Expressway has potholes here and there so it did slow us down. We finally saw the sign for Whispering Palms on the other side of the road and I cheered saying "at last". If only I knew we still had a 20-30 minute drive ahead of us. The resort is really far from the bus stop if you go with a stranger you might think you are getting kidnapped...Haha. We finally arrived at Whispering Palms.

The whispering palms, also known as “The surprise” is at Iworo, Badagry LGA, Lagos  Nigeria. The fabulous resort is located right in front of the lagoon and the breathtaking view is unforgettable. Four parrots at the reception will welcome you to the resort. 

I was welcomed with the beauty of the area-cool, Atlantic breeze, silica sands, palm trees, and chirping birds. It’s a beautiful resort away from city life. You will love the naturalness in the air and the array of palm trees dancing in the wind to make a melodious whispering sound. This place is an oasis of sanity, a love escape and a place to take family and children to.

Gate fee is Five hundred naira (#500) for Adults and three hundred naira (#300) for Children. You can plan a day trip or you can stay over. They have rooms and you can check up their website for the prices.


I spent a little over two hours there as most of the time was spent on the road. So these are some of the fun things I saw and experienced;

1. Get involved in any activity of your choice. There is ample space for sports and recreation. You can play basketball, table tennis, football and any race of your choice.

2. Enjoy the stunning fountain and make good use of it. I went on my first boat cruise which was so much fun.

3. Take tons of pictures. The view is so beautiful and there are many angles to take great pictures. Find your spot and click! click!! click!!!

4. Children can ride the bicycles, swim at the kiddies section, make use of the pedal boat ride, visit the mini-museum and zoo (Disclaimer: it was only a friendly baboon I saw. The baboon stretched out its arms for a handshake but I declined though🙈)

5. Play games with your friends. It could be in the form of a musical contest with each person miming to a song the Dj plays or a dance contest. You can also go-ahead to play scrabbles or card games or chess or incorporate any favorite game of yours. 

6. You can also swim in the pool area for adults. It won't be a bad idea to run a swimming contest with your friends too.

7. Make use of the picnic area, it has the sit-outs and the greenery with the Dj blasting sensible music. So just treat yourself to a coconut hut with different types of coconut product. There are different small huts. There is a couple marina. It is best enjoyed in two's, safe to say for lovers. It will be a perfect avenue to bond better and maybe some public display of affection too.

8. They have a restaurant and I think 2 bars. Enjoy yourself to a piece of cool music and gist with your friends.

9. Make use of the swings and relive your childhood memories. I loved swinging as a child and I was more than happy to make proper use of it after so many years. The swings are close to the bar and the water. Sitting close to the river, sipping a drink and swinging, it definitely can make you relax. It would have been lovely to watch the sunset.

10. Take a walk by the lagoon and enjoy the cool breeze returning from the water because it is so refreshing.

11. Take a full tour around the resort. It might be tiring but you will be glad you took the tour. Nature at its finest. I mean, did you really visit whispering palms if you do not see it all?

Nigerian carvings and artworks, including bronze heads of various deities.

Nigerian carvings and artworks, including bronze heads of various deities.

Nigerian carvings and artworks, including bronze heads of various deities.

Nigerian carvings and artworks, including bronze heads of various deities.

Tyre pyramid

Tyre pyramid

Out on the Lagoon they have these yellow rowboats you can ride for a thousand naira (#1000). While the boat cruise is two thousand per person (#2000)

The village across the lagoon

The view from the middle of the lagoon

Things to take note of when visiting:

1. Take snacks and water (for a day trip, I don’t know if this is allowed)

2. Negotiate prices of activities especially if you’re many.

3. Bring swimwear, slippers and sandals, and airy little clothes.

4. Don’t just sit at one spot. Engage in different activities.  Swing. Play with water. Sip coconuts. Take a picture with a flower in your hair. Go on a boat cruise. Swim and indulge yourself in other activities.

Have you visited? What was your experience like? If you haven't visited, has this post inspired you to plan a visit?

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