In the past, females were made to solely depend on men for anything and everything most especially in terms of economy. All cultural and legal practices along with educational and religious restrictions forbade the female folks from joining the workforce. The denial of higher education for women hindered them from working in high paying jobs especially in professions such as medicine and law.

Women then were viewed as inferior, not suitable for prestigious professions except of course to take care of the household. They were even reduced to sell things at the market alone. The excuse was that women weren't good for anything except procreation and common household chores.

Not long after, the idea of a man and woman's job came up as more jobs of different kinds developed, giving birth to the gender imbalance in the economy. The jobs tagged women job were said to show a woman's natural features in terms of less emotional stability, less risk for childbearing complications, less strength, and more dexterity. The so-called jobs were claimed to offer more protection for women as they do not require much physical strength and won't endanger their health nor cause any physical defect.

However, there is no scientific justification for the existence of biological differences in men and women relating to specific occupations. All the excuses made to justify that some jobs are harmful to women may also be harmful to men. Society discriminations aren't helping matters either. The societies we all live in judge the male and female folk using different criteria. Both genders are expected to perform in different laid down ways and both are also rewarded differently over the same accomplishment.

By this, women naturally follow society rules and regulations concerning gender roles and most are not even aware of this dogmatism. Some have broken the chain of convention though. They were stubborn and ambitious. They fought for what they wanted despite the hurdles they had to overcome in other to achieve their goals. Before the emergence of feminism movement/groups, some women made history.

Mary Coulter was an interior designer who spent 38 years as the chief architect for the Fred Harvey Company. Despite being a female, she was a highly celebrated architect in the southwest. Six of the most popular constructions in grand canyon national park were of her very own design and they became a landmark for national history. It wasn't an easy feat for her but she was just too good for society to ignore.

At 10, Danae Mines decided she was going to become a firefighter and that dream came through. She became the very first woman to join the calendar of heroes in FDN even though firefighting was considered a man's job. It was also a very demanding job. Both women refused to follow convention and they made history today.

The 21st century is one with many wonders where women are taking up more professions originally meant for men. This is a step towards great development but much work is still needed to be done. While society should stop assigning roles and jobs based on gender, the female folk should also stop limiting themselves to what convention dictates. They should rise to break the "female jobs" and "male jobs" chain. The females ought to develop an interest in what goes on in the economy of their community as well as the world at large.

There's absolutely no crime in being ambitious or wanting to be at the top. There shouldn't be anything like gender-related jobs. Whatever job a woman's interest lies in, she should go for it rather than allow society to tell her otherwise.

Though, there are certain things only men can do such as being a sperm donor or a father. Things like being an egg donor, a surrogate, wet nurse and a mother can only be performed by a woman. They are not categorically jobs even though one might earn a substantial amount from them. Other than these, all other jobs can be performed either by a male or female as long as interest and passion are strongly present.

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